Seven Pines

Обложка альбома Seven Pines.
  • Трек: The Music of Zambia, Pt. 7
  • Исполнитель (артист): PO-Q-Pines
  • Длительность 3:15
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "PO-Q-Pines - The Music of Zambia, Pt. 7"

    Wake up in the night, shaking cause you toss and turn,
    Your nose gets the scent something previously has burned,
    The devil now is walking on the motherfucking earth,
    To come and collect your life you have been promising ever since your birth,
    Your ever burning soul, is the only thing he wants,
    To brutally sacrifice virgins with no remorse is the main reason i brought,
    The meat clever nigga will i do your ass in,
    Call me ,the accountant i keep track of your sins,
    The suns turning read and the sky's, turning black,
    You open up your feel the burns on your back,
    The howls in the night, have you scared to be blinking your eyes,
    You try to run and hide, but your whole body is now paralyzed,
    The wind chimes sound, but the wind standing still,
    By the end of the night you'll believe me when i say i promise you will be killed,
    Holy night, silent night, thats when you realize,
    That you betrayed i deal when you a christian lie .

    I come in the night, with the sound of the horn,
    I built fulla cord where your born, body'd torn,
    I walk through the hall, drag my blades on the wall,
    You pick up the phone but there's no dial tone and you wonder why you cannot call,
    And all you hear, is laugh on the other fuckin end,
    Then a voice on the phone, says IT BEGINS,
    Your heart beatin fast, as you know I am close,
    You're praying and saying oh jesus don't let that be evil pimp, must be a ghost,
    You pick up the bible but the book burns your hands,
    It lights up in flame then it turn into sand,
    The motherfuckin man, has a motherfuckin plan,
    To come and grab your soul, take it right down to the land of the damned,
    You catch some fuckin ana better get it, off your mind,
    This kill isn't personal, bust the edge off with some time.
    The evil pimp is lyin', goddamn right I hate your kind,
    That's why I had to lay you in a box made of pine.
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